National Geographic Fine Art Bronze Sculpture

We have been selected as Sculptors for National Geographic and worked with them for two years, on a mission to study and document the world’s most endangered animals in art. We will be traveling the world in search of opportunities to use our artwork to make a difference for conservation.
We are excited to launch our National Geographic Fine Art Sculpture Collection: Artwork with a Purpose. It’s amazing how artwork spans cultural divides, bridges language barriers, and unites the viewer with the subject in an emotional way. It is this universal language that we hope will speak through the art to ignite passion in people to preserve the earth and its species.
Art has always been our window to experience the joy and mystery of the world, and we hope that through this collection you can join us in this adventure!
The collection of limited edition bronze sculpture embodies the rich heritage of National Geographic and the mission National Geographic Partners to “Help people better understand the world and their role in it.”
– Rip Caswell