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Rip Caswell and his team unite their talents in the creation of their artwork. Their sculptures can be found in public spaces, commercial developments and private collections in all fifty states as well as abroad. Authorities in sculpting animals and the human form, their body of work reflects the planet’s wildlife and tells stories of people who shape history. Their ability to capture emotion and to reflect a spirit in the eyes of their sculptures is their most noted ability. Passionate about conservation, they use their artwork as a way to support organizations dedicated to supporting veterinary programs and organizations that protect wild habitats. For the Caswells, nature is a sanctuary that renews and fosters artistic inspiration and is a source for living, breathing reference material. They hope that through their artwork, they can share a deep appreciation for the animals they love, and that the eyes of their sculptures may serve as a window into the life, spirit and personality of the subjects they cast in bronze. Their mission is that through their artwork they can revitalize the bond between man, animal and the wild environment that surrounds us. The Caswells live and work in Troutdale, Oregon where they own their casting foundry Firebird Bronze Foundry.





Bronze sculpture is cast using the Lost Wax method of casting. This process is approximately 6,000 years old is remains relatively unchanged in its most basic form throughout the generations.

To create a small to mid-size (desktop) sculpture, it will take approximately 8-12 weeks to cast in bronze after sculpting and mold are complete. We like to allow 6 months from start to finish for small to mid-size work. For monuments (anything larger than 4 feet tall) we like to allow one year as it typically takes 6 months to create the piece in clay, and an additional 6 months to cast the piece in bronze.

Yes! Outdoor sculptures are beautiful statement pieces, and will add aesthetic to any setting.

For sculpture inside, dusting is all the maintenance the piece requires. For outdoor sculpture, apply a neutral Carnauba to the surface of the sculpture to seal the metal’s pores and protect the patina. Keep in mind the patina will age along with the sculpture, and this is a desireable process. If you wish to keep the sculpture looking like new, it can be sealed with a clear coating before leaving the foundry; the clear coating works best if the sculpture has a smooth texture as opposed to rough. Make sure to keep outdoor sculpture out of your sprinkler system path, as water hitting the artwork will form white calcifications over time.

You can contact us directly at (503) 502-7756 or by email at For most purchases, we require a 50% deposit up-front, and then the balance when the sculpture is complete, before it leaves the studio or foundry.

Any available art piece may be customized with a unique patina or personalized with a unique plaque, or other type of personalization. Additional fees may apply.

Rip and Alison’s studio is located at 903 E Historic Columbia River Highway Troutdale, OR 97060. The studio is located inside the Art Center; business hours: Friday 11-4, Saturday 11-4 and Sunday 12-3. Visits during the week are by appointment. To schedule, you may call (503) 502-7756 or email us at

Firebird Bronze Foundry is located at 803 NE Harlow Rd, Building A Troutdale, OR 97060. Visits are by appointment only, no walk-ins. To schedule a tour, please call (503) 912-0400 or email For more information, please visit Firebird Bronze Foundry’s website:

Caswell Sculpture Garden is located at 902 E Historic Columbia River Highway Troutdale, OR 97060; tours are available by appointment only. To schedule a visit, please call (503) 481-9449 or send an email to The Troutdale House manages all tours and showings. For more information, please visit

Rip and Alison Caswell own Caswell Sculpture, Caswell Sculpture Garden and Firebird Bronze Foundry. Caswell Sculpture encompasses all art sales and commissions. Caswell Sculpture Garden is across the street from Rip and Alison’s studio at the Troutdale Art Center where they create their artwork in clay. Caswell Sculpture Garden is a private property and wedding/event venue where bronze sculptures are incorporated into the grounds. Firebird Bronze Foundry is the Lost Wax casting foundry where all Caswell fine art sculptures are cast in bronze.

“Precast” refers to a sculpture available for order while still in clay. This is a special offer that is typically discounted from retail price and allows the customer to be involved in the casting process, pick low edition numbers, customize artwork, etc. Once a sculpture is cast in bronze, the piece is no longer offered at its “precast” value.