Gallery Wild

We Are Excited To Be Represented In Jackson Hole’s Newest Gallery, GALLERY WILD!

Friends of ours for the last 6 years and founders of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, Carrie Wild and Jason Williams have opened Gallery Wild, an extension of their guide business and a create outlet for them as artists.

Carrie Wild is a wildlife painter, using vibrant colors and real gold leaf in her work. She grew up with animals and has now realized her lifelong dream to open a gallery with artistic conservation in mind. To see Carrie’s work, click here.

Jason Williams is a widely published photographer and provides many phenomenal glimpses into the wildlife of Greater Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson and all over the world. As the founder of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, his travels have illuminated issues of wildlife conservation initiatives. He uses his artwork to bring attention to these issues, and his photography captures intimate glimpses into the wildlife he encounters. To see Jason’s work, click here. To visit Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris website, click here.

Carrie Wild & Jason Williams,
Gallery Wild Owners

Gallery Wild
80 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 203-2322