Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph are seen as a young couple in this monumental sculpture. Mary is expecting a child; her strong husband Joseph stands beside her as a support. He is loving, trusting and appears to be a worker. He carries a carpenter’s square in his right hand, which is a symbol of his ability to “square” things up as well as his trade. Mary is looking across the transept at Jesus on the cross. One hand is placed upon her womb, and the other is extended toward The Crucifixion across the Cathedral. She submits herself to the day that she will have to feel the pain of giving up her son to fulfill God’s plan.

The Mary and Joseph monument is located at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita, Kansas.

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Mary and Joseph

8ft Monument
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Dimensions: 8 feet tall

5ft Monument
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Mary Maquette
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Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 18 inches

Saint Joseph honors God’s will, as Mary did, and plays an important supporting role for Mary as her husband and father of Jesus. He was a man of high honor, principle, and dedication to the law his whole life. The pregnancy was a disgrace on his name and he was conflicted about how to handle it until an angel came to him in a dream and told him to take her as his wife, that the child was conceived by the holy spirit. After the dream in obedience to God and in trust, he claimed the baby as his own to protect Mary and her honor. He serves God by serving Mary. His focus is on God‘s will, and God‘s plan, and by loving and supporting Mary he is fulfilling God’s plan even as unorthodox as it was at that time, he chose to make it right in the eyes of the law and God. Joseph is also a chosen man by God. Seems like Joseph’s role is not mentioned very often but I feel he played a key role in the prophesy and life of Jesus. How would the story be different had he disobeyed God and abandoned Mary?

He would lead the family to safety, he was decisive, brave and took risks, weathered hardship, and did what he had to do to protect and serve his family. This is not a weak man, this is not a passive man, this is a man who is deeply connected to God and follows God’s directions, a man willing to pour his whole life out in service and sacrifice, as a protector of what God joined together and created.

In my sculpture Joseph is depicted in a strong stance, his feet are placed apart to show he is grounded and solid, that he will not move. He is in the background, behind her in a protective supportive position. His hand is on Mary’s shoulder to represent he has her back, he’s supporting her, he’s encouraging her and he will never leave her and will be beside her through it all. He looks at her with love, admiration, and respect, he is obedient to God and serves God through serving the holy family. He becomes a role model for Jesus through his actions and deeds. His consistency, never wavering, faithful in all things. He mentors his son, loves his son, and serves his son.

Saint Joseph is depicted as a strong, young, and virile man who chooses to be obedient and serve God. I can imagine Mary went through many emotions, and Joseph was there to support her and encourage her and show her God’s love through his actions and faithfulness. Joseph the worker is called to labor with his hands to build, protect and provide for his family through hard work and continued sacrifices. Joseph holds a square, the carpenter’s square represents his choices trued things up, and made it right and accurate. In his work apron, are three nails, representing the future of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to save all of humanity.

Saint Joseph is usually depicted as an elderly, frail man in historical art pieces. This is not true. They were both young and in their prime. My rendition shows him as strong, young, and capable. His outer physique represents his inner strength and power, he is humble and seeks after God’s will with fierce determination. He is not a passive observer, he is engaged and guides the family with strength of conviction, in love, in service, in humility, and he honors God. He purposefully follows God’s direction in all aspects of his life and is a man after God’s heart a model for every husband and father to emulate.

Mary is fully pregnant, one hand on her baby the other in a gesture of surrender, as she looks across time she knows her child was meant to save the world but I also believe she had the heartache of knowing how it would end. Her eyes look to the future with both hope and sadness. At her foot is the Lilly of the valley and under her sandal is a snake’s head she crushes.  Representing Christ in her would overcome evil and free the world.


8ft Monument, 5ft Monument, Maquette, Mary Maquette


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